BizPrint & Scan | PNG’s first Scan Bureau

Be amongst the first organisations in Papua New Guinea to go paperless.  BizPrint & Scan are a scanning service with a trained document management team, high-speed scanners and state-of-the-art imaging software.  We can assist you get all your business information online.

We Offer

  • On-demand scanning for any scan job big or small.
  • Bulk document scanning, indexing and archiving.
  • Scan machine hires.

We pick up, scan, repack and deliver back to your office with all your files safe and secure on a hard drive.  We guarantee you a secure, fast and affordable service that produces digitised data of high quality and easy to manage.  

Benefits to your organisation

  • More storage space & savings
  • Remote access to data online
  • Optimise your business processes & efficiency
  • Increase security & control access
  • Improved staff collaboration

Our Simple Process


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