PNG's First Scan Bureau

Be amongst the first organisations in Papua New Guinea to go Paperless. BizPrint and Scan provides scanning services with a trained document management team, high-speed scanners and state-of-the-art imaging sofware. We can assist you to get all your business information online.

We offer a range of scanning services

1. On-demand scanning for any scan job big or small.

2. Bulk document scanning for archiving or digitising all business information, on or off location.

3. Scan machine hires so you can do the scanning yourself.

4. Scanning software.

We guarantee safe and secure handling of all your documents and storage of information under strict security measures.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Remote access to data online
  • Optimise your business processes and efficiency
  • Increase Security & Control Access
  • More storage space & savings
  • Maintain quality of original document
  • Enhanced Information Preservation
  • Better Data Security
  • Improved Staff Collaboration
  • A greener planet


We understand that the security of company information is confidential and we will ensure that all information collected and gathered are managed under the strictest security.


We have high-speed state of the art scanners in our scanning bureau that produce high-quality digitised information.


Scanning machines are our business. Our pricing is second to none. Get in touch with our sales team for a quotation today.

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