BizPrint & Scan supports the 50th Hiri Moale Festival

BizPrint & Scan supports the 50th Hiri Moale Festival

(L-R) BizPrint and Scan Account Manager, Amulato Bibaesi with 2023 Miss Hahenamo, Kimjosh Damuri, BizPrint and Scan’s customer service representative, Severina Maau and CEO of Remington Group, Peter Goodwin.

In a show of support for the annual Hiri Moale Festival, local print company BizPrint and Scan, a business unit under the Remington Group of companies, has come forward as a sponsor partner. This year marks a significant milestone as the festival celebrates its 50th anniversary, dedicated to honoring the cultures and traditions of the Motu Koitabu people.


CEO of Remington Group, Peter Goodwin, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the importance of infusing the festival with the essence of Motu Koitabu culture. Their contribution of print products goes beyond monetary value, aiming to honour the festival’s 50-year heritage. Goodwin likened the opportunity to crafting new narratives of unity and pride, echoing the sentiment that Motu Koitabu tradition resides in every moment of the festival.


BizPrint and Scan’s support extends to providing essential print materials such as banners, magazines, program booklets, and branding materials necessary for the festival’s success.


Molly O’Rourke, the Events Coordinator for the Hiri Moale Festival, shared her excitement around this year’s celebrations, highlighting the pride of the Motu-Koita people in commemorating five decades of tradition.


A major highlight of the festival, the Hiri Hahenamo, will feature up to 10 young women from Motu-Koita villages vying for the coveted ‘Miss Hahenamo’ title. Reigning Miss Hahenamo, 22-year-old Kimjosh Damuri from Tubuserea village, reflected on her experience, noting the opportunity it provided to showcase her culture and embrace new challenges. She encouraged

future contestants to seize the chance to highlight their heritage, emphasizing the invaluable experiences it brings.


As the festival approaches, anticipation mounts for an event that not only celebrates tradition but also serves as a platform for the empowerment of young women in Motu Koitabu communities.

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