BizPrint and Scan Confronts Operational Challenges Due to Frequent PNG Power Blackouts

BizPrint and Scan Confronts Operational Challenges Due to Frequent PNG Power Blackouts

BizPrint and Scan, a leading provider of printing and scanning solutions based at Konedobu, Port Moresby, has been struggling to service its customers due to significant operational disruptions caused by continuous PNG Power blackouts. These power outages have severely impacted the company’s ability to function at full capacity, resulting in tangible damage to its generator and thus severely hindering productivity.


While the Bizprint and Scan generator is unserviceable and waiting on parts from abroad, the continuous blackouts, also being suffered by all business houses and clubs at Kone and surrounding suburbs, have resulted in BizPrint and Scan having to curtail its operations.  Significantly reducing the number of jobs completed and hampering service to its loyal customers and impacting business operations. The prolonged periods without electricity have not only disrupted daily operations but have also inflicted strain on employees.


“Operating under these terrible conditions is incredibly challenging for any business,” stated Remington Group CEO, Peter Goodwin. “The frequent blackouts have not only damaged our equipment but have also impeded our ability to serve our clients efficiently. We are deeply concerned about the long-term impact that a failing PNG Power has on not only our own businesses, but those of the wider business community and the PNG economy, which is already in a state of flux.”


Goodwin called out the more-than-urgent need for PNG Power to address the underlying issues causing these persistent blackouts. He said that “reliable and consistent electricity supply is essential for us to sustain our businesses, to facilitate economic growth, and keep our people employed. More than that, I know that we are not the only businesses struggling to keep their generators fully functional, despite proper ongoing maintenance programs. The constant off, on, off, on, off… is straining even the best systems”


“We urge PNG Power to take responsibility for these disruptions and implement measures to prevent future occurrences,” added Goodwin. “The country has already faced huge disruptions to businesses since the start of the year.”


BizPrint and Scan remains committed to delivering high-quality service to its clients despite the challenges posed by the current situation. We ask our good and loyal customers to stay patient with us as we navigate through the mess we are all trying to deal with. The company is actively exploring alternative solutions to mitigate the impact of power outages on its operations.

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