Pamela Miviari – From Casual to Trainee Estimator

Pamela Miviari has been recognised for her excellent work performance and dedication at BizPrint & Scan, where she has recently been promoted from Casual Employee status to that of Full-Time Employee and given the opportunity to take on the new role of Trainee Estimator. Pamela began her journey with the company in 2020 as a casual employee in the production department’s finishing section. Since then, she has established herself as a very reliable and dedicated member of the team.

Pamela is now focused on maximizing her learning potential and contributing to the growth of the business in her new role. She is also committed to improving her skills and is grateful for the chance to prove herself in this new position. She wants to thank Remington Group leaders, and the management at BizPrint & Scan for their support and faith in her, and for providing her with this outstanding opportunity.

As a young, ambitious woman from the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea, Pamela has a message for others who may be facing challenges or negativity: “Never let negativity bring you down, no matter your circumstances. Always stay positive and don’t give up.” She has several memorable moments from her time at BizPrint & Scan, including celebrations at the end of a quarter, Christmas and Independence Day, and an open night where customers and clients were able to see a demonstration of the company’s scan bureau. Pamela is excited to continue her journey with BizPrint & Scan in her new role as a Trainee Estimator, and we at Remington Group are proud to be able to bring along with us for her journey.

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